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Letters of Recommendation Process

Letters of Recommendation Best Practices

  1. Remember that all counselor/teacher recommendations are confidential and will be sent directly to the requesting campus. They are not returned to the student, nor seen by the student (department policy)
  2. Seek out teachers who know you on a personal level
  3. Feel free to ask your recommenders to speak to certain topics, i.e. strengths you have shown in their class, a time when you struggled and overcame, a special circumstance that explains why your grade maybe wasn’t as strong as it could have been.
  4. Give your recommenders plenty of lead time, i.e. thirty days (10 school days minimum). Winter break does not count.
  5. Provide a copy of your Brag Sheet information form (download here)
  6. Is your FERPA waiver completed? This is required on Common Application, NCAA, and SENDedu as well as others. It is recommended that you Waive your confidentiality rights as a failure to do so may construe to colleges that your recommender may not have felt the freedom to comment honestly.
  7. Keep Naviance up to date:  
    • Is your student information section updated in your personal profile?
    • Is your "Colleges I'm Applying to" (college list) section current?
  8. If you need a counselor letter of recommendation, make sure to communicate with your counselor. Many times there are details that need to be clarified. Clearly communicate due dates for each college.  If you are utilizing the Common Application or SENDEdu for your college applications then be sure to communicate that as well.  If you complete your FERPA section and the Recommender section when using the Common Application or SENDEdu, then your recommender will receive an electronic email with a login link to complete your letter of recommendation electronically.        
  • ***If a letter of recommendation is needed, it is critical that you complete a Personal Profile (download here) and make sure that you get a completed copy to your recommenders, allowing for plenty of time for them to actually write your letter prior to the deadline.  Allow a minimum of 10 school days (30 days is preferred).
The following information may be needed for your college applications and the Common Application.

CEEB Code: 130440 (needed for college applications and SAT/ACT registration)

Name: Nampa Senior High School

Address Line 1: 203 Lake Lowell Ave.

Address Line 2: Nampa, ID 83686

Phone: (208)498-0551

Fax Main:(208)468-2829