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Advanced Opportunities

Advanced Opportunities allows for students to individualize their high school learning plan and get a jump start in their future. These options include dual credit, technical competency credit, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate programs. The Fast Forward program can provide funding for students who participate in Advanced Opportunities

Getting Started:

Advanced Opportunities helps students attain college credits while in high school. Many students set goals to attain a General Education Matriculation (GEM) certificate or an associate’s degree before completing high school. More commonly, students will set a goal to graduate high school with a year of college (20-30 credits) completed. Learning to navigate the post-secondary system can be tricky and post-secondary coursework is more rigorous than regular high school content. For this reason, successful planning requires you to look at college catalogs to ensure that the dual credit courses you are taking will apply toward the credential or degree you hope to attain. If you are not yet sure of your post-secondary pathway, it is recommended that you select GEM courses until a more definitive pathway is decided. For a list of Nampa High School GEM courses, please follow this link: NHS GEM Course Offerings.

**To access Advanced Opportunities funds, students/parents will need to follow these steps to register in the state portal (students must be 13 years of age or older to create an account. Any student under age 13 will need to register through the College/Career Advisor):

(Please do not create a duplicate account with another email address as it will cause your requests to be denied in the portal).

Go to

1. Click on "New User"
2. Enter the following information:
a. State Edu, ID Number (Student ID #)
b. Your email address (you will need to use this email address every time you request funding, so use one you will remember and one you use frequently)
c. Create a password (one that you will remember)
d. Your full legal first and last name and your middle initial
e. Your birthday and gender (if your birthday is June 5, 1998, enter 6/5/1998, not 06/05/1998)
f. Select "Nampa School District"
g. Select your school
h. Check the "I have read"... box and click "enroll new student"
i. Check your email and follow the steps to verify the account. (This step is very important and is often missed.


3. When your account has been approved by the school, you will receive an email notification. Decide which course(s) for which you want to use your Advanced Opportunities funds. Complete the following steps:
4. Go to
5. Login using the same email and password you created
6. From the left side of the screen, select "Apply for state aid"
7. Select "Course" or "exam" (whichever one you are accessing funds for)
8. From the drop-down menu select the following:
a. "Nampa School District"
b. Your school (if taking AP or certification exams, please select the school where you, the student, will be taking the exam)
c. Your grade level
d. Course provider (BSU, CWI,...) or exam type (if applicable)
e. Course Name (i.e. ENGL 101 for English 101) or exam name
f. Number of credits - if applicable (will auto-populate)
g. Cost per credit - if applicable (will auto-populate)
h. Total course cost or exam cost - if applicable (will auto-populate)
i. County of resident - if requested (i.e. "Canyon" for Nampa residents)
j. Requested reimbursement (enter requested amount)
k. Click submit course or exam

9. DUAL CREDIT DEADLINE DATES FOR PORTAL: Student registration dates are set at the state level. These were developed in collaboration with course providers and they are the dates for all dual credit institutions (i.e. BSU, CWI, NNU, CSI). The dates set in the portal are listed below. These registration dates are FIRM. If the student has not requested funding for their concurrent/dual credit by the dates indicated below, the student will not be able to access Fast Forward funding and will need to pay for the credits on their own.

SUMMER PORTAL DATES: May 12th, 2018 - June 30th, 2018

*After June 6th, if you need help with Advanced Opportunities, please reach out to Brenda Mattson at the District Office*

FALL PORTAL DATES: Monday, August 27 - Friday, September 28, 2018

SPRING PORTAL DATES: Monday, January 7, - Friday, February 22, 2019

*Each step will need to be repeated for each course or exam for which you are requesting funding.

*Please be aware that colleges/universities will have a separate registration form that must be completed if the student is seeking college credit.

For details and regulations regarding these programs, please visit the State Department of Education website at: or speak with your school's Advanced Opportunities coordinator.


Fast Forward Participation Form: Must submit to Nampa High prior to using Advanced Opportunities funding (only one is required per student).