Academic Planning

High School Four-Year Planning:
The Academic Planning Presentation below provides information on graduation requirements, checking credits, and updating your high school four-year plan.  Use the Academic Planning Tool as you update your four-year plan and track graduation progress. 
Students should refer to the NSD Course Catalog for further information on course prerequisites and graduation requirements.
CTE Career Pathways:
Click on the following link for more information about the Nampa School District Career and Technical Education Pathway opportunities for students.
Course Selection and Class Scheduling:
Students will request courses for the 2021-2022 school year in early Spring 2021.
The Course Request Worksheets below are available for students to download as you complete the course selection process for next school year.  The Quick View Course Lists below are are an easy way to see the potential elective options available to you.
Course Requests are not guaranteed, and are dependent on class size and availability.  Students are encouraged to select alternate choices.
The Course Selection Presentations below provide more information about requesting classes for the upcoming school year.  
View the Class Choice Tutorials for step by step instructions on submitting your Course Requests online.