Standards-Based Grading

Dear High School Parents:


This year Nampa High School students have been experiencing Standards-Based Grading in their English/Language Arts, Social Studies, and Art classes.  We have four weeks until the end of the semester and teachers and students are working to show proficiency in their classes.


Click here to view a screencast that will show you how to check your student’s standards-based grade in Power School.   


These are the patterns NSD is using to determine a final grade in a High School Standards-based course. 

“A” = A score of “3” and “4” in each of the essential standards

“B” = A score of “2” in any one essential standard with grades of 3 or 4 in the remaining standards

“C” = A score of “2” in more than one essential standard and no score of “1”

“D” = Two-thirds of the essential standards are a score of “2” or higher.  Student has standard(s) that are  “1”  

“F” = A score of “1” or NE in more than one-third of the essential standards in a course  


Click here to view a screencast that will walk you through how a final grade is determined in a standards-based High School course.  


When reviewing grades, consider asking your child the following questions:

  1. What standards do you still need to learn?
    2. When was the last time you practiced/worked on [standard]?
  2. When was the last time you were assessed (i.e. test, quiz, project) on [standard). When is your next opportunity to reassess on [standard]?
    4. What practice, studying and/or re-teaching opportunities have you completed in preparation for the next reassessment opportunity?
    5. Have you visited with your teacher(s) about your progress?


 The information about student progress is in Power School for parents to find but not as easily accessible as it could be.  We are working with Power School to develop a better, more effective way to communicate student progress on standards.  


I invite you to contact me if you have questions about your student’s learning or grades.


Waylon Yarbrough,
Nampa High School

208.498.0551 ext. 6707


To learn more about Standards-Based Grading click here


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