Snow Team

Purpose: Members of the snow team travel to Bogus Basin to ski or snowboard.  They can participate in Nordic, Freestyle, Slalom, or Snowboard races where they compete against other students with a similar skill level.  Our purpose is to provide a safe and supportive environment for students to participate in this lifetime sport and provide a way for our students to meet other students from across the treasure valley.  We encourage students to get out of bed, get outside, and enjoy some of the best that Idaho has to offer!


Advisers: John Carruthers & Sandra Urbina


# of regular attendees or members: 30


Meeting Time:   TBA


Meeting Location: Races are at Bogus Basin Ski Area in Boise


Sponsored Events/Activities: Saturday races as listed above


$125 dues to pay for buses to Bogus Basin.  Students will also have to supply their own gear and purchase their own lift tickets.  Participating students can receive discounted lift tickets at $29 a day.