Music Appreciation
1-24 Assignment: Elements of Music Guided Song

Elements of Music: Presentation

Choose a song (appropriate for playing in class)

Identify each of the elements of music within your song. Write this on a paper you can turn in to Mr. Ledbetter on Friday, January 26.

You will present your song to the class (1/26) - guide everyone in your interpretation of each element. 

Use your notes to help with identification of each element. You can click on the presentation above to view the notes from class.

Piano C Major scale one octave (ascending and descending)
Right Hand: 123123454321321
Left Hand: 543213212312345

Basic Drum Pattern for set: 
Bass Snare Bass Snare (high hat occurs every eighth note)

Tears in Heaven cover: record a cover of Eric Clapton's song. You must participate by playing an instrument in the recording.

Incredibox Assignment

Senior Final Exam 2018