Choir - Music
Jesse Ledbetter

Welcome to the Performing Arts! Mr. Ledbetter currently teaches vocal music classes, orchestra and study skills at Nampa High School. He has been teaching in the Nampa School District for 17 years. 

Class Expectations

1. Cooperate with your teacher and with others
2. Respect the rights and property of others
3. Fulfill your student obligations

I look forward to working with all of you this coming year of 2016-2017. Let's make it a great year and work to achieve excellence in all that we do. 

Great job on the December 14 concert everyone! 

Next Concert:
Tuesday, February 20th, 7pm
NHS Little Theater 

this concert will focus on solo/ensemble groups to provide opportunity to perform for an audience before competing at the District III solo/ensemble festival. All students will prepare a solo or participate in an ensemble. Students will be responsible to find or make accompaniment for their song. In designing their performance, students will have several assignments in relation to their song to analyze their music demonstrate their understanding of music composition. Students will also receive technical training through a master class during their regular choir class. Each student will perform at this concert, but may not perform their chosen solo. 

Students participating in the District III competitive festival must choose a song from the required music list. If you are competing for state, it is highly recommended you make arrangements with Mr. Ledbetter for some vocal coaching on your song, or find a voice teacher to work with on vocal technique. Plan ahead for this, as you will want to practice the technique suggested by your vocal instructor. These skills are not developed over night and take some focus and attention to detail to master. Also, you may wish to familiarize yourself with the state solo rules.

Adjudication Forms

You will also be required to have an accompanist. If you do not have someone who is experienced in playing Art song, you can speak with Mr. Ledbetter who will make arrangements for an accompanist. This will require an extra fee due at the time of registration (Usually the 2nd week in January). Usually, the cost is $30 - one 20 minute rehearsal, and one performance. However, this cost will be decided by the accompanist.

If competing for state, registration fee is $15.
non-competition fees are $10