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Welcome to Freshman English!

            Education and learning are experiences that happen every single day, and I enjoy the subject of English because it provides ways to process these experiences, think about how they relate to our world and the world around us, and find evidence of similar experiences in literature.

            In my classroom, your student will learn skills found in the following four skillsets:

  • Reading informational texts and literature
  • Speaking and Listening
  • The Standard Conventions of English
  • Writing

What is most exciting about ELA is that all the skills listed above improve your student’s critical thinking and ability to interact with the world, both of which achieve our school’s vision for your student’s success.

In addition to helping your student achieve success in each of the four skillsets that will be assessed this year, I promote respect, responsibility, and readiness not only in my classroom, but in our school and in our community. Your student will be held to high standards in these “Three R’s” and I expect nothing less.

Please read the following syllabus, of which you may keep and refer to throughout the year, except part of the final page that is required to be completed and returned to me.

Thank you!

            Miss Huff


Student will need:

  • A planner
  • A folder or binder designated to ELA separate from all other subjects
  • A composition notebook designated to ELA separate from all other subjects
  • Loose leaf paper
  • Pencil pouch
  • Two Black/Blue Pens
  • Two #2 Pencils
  • Four highlighters (must all be different colors)
  • 1.5-2 inch metal book ring
  • Flashcards

            These items are used daily and are essential tools for success not only in my classroom, but in many other classes at NHS. All Items are available at the Dollar Store and/or come in packs of multiple, so grab a buddy and go shopping! If there is any issue in purchasing these items, please notify me! I have donated, new supplies from the community that are available upon a simple request.

            Additionally, your student will checkout a textbook and receive a personal workbook.

Grading Policy

            All grading will be completed on a 4 point system which reflects the student's ability to demonstrate the skills required during freshman year. All expected skills for each unit must be demonstrated in order to receive a final grade.

100% percent of your student’s grade will represent their ability to demonstrate skills we are learning in class; these relate to the four skillsets listed on page one. Your students’ grade is a representation of how they are performing on the required skills. Note, that this is somewhat different than some teachers grade.

To explain further, as the semester progresses, your student will receive grades that may reflect lower than usual. That is because that is how your student is performing at that time specifically, and as we practice more and grow, the grade will raise with it. Just like riding a bike, we weren’t all amazing at it at first, but we eventually got better!

The gradebook will show current progress and understanding and as the year progresses, previous assignments’ scores will become exempt and the average of the final two scores for each skill will influence their final grade in the class.

When grading the students’ skills within the four skillsets, variations of grading will be used based on best teaching theory and practice; the progression of each grading rubric reflects critical thinking, consistency, and the student’s ability to understand their own knowledge. The rubrics will become more specific with each assignment; but generally the following wording and progression of aptitude will be recognized for each skillset:


Reading Informational Texts and Literature

The demonstration of critical thinking about key ideas and details, craft and structure, and integration of knowledge and ideas.

Speaking and Listening

The demonstration of skills in comprehension and collaboration, and presentation of knowledge and ideas.

Language Skills

The demonstration of using various conventions of standard English, knowledge, and use of vocabulary when writing and speaking.



Student can

  • Evaluate
  • Create

Student can

  • Be democratic
  • Promote diversity
  • Resolve

Student can

Demonstrate these skills on their own and reflect on why they used them.



Student can

  • Analyze
  • Apply

Student can

  • Initiate and Participate
  • Present
  • Be strategic

Student can

Demonstrate these skills on their own without help and identify where they used them.



Student can

  • Explain
  • Draw inferences
  • Cite

Student can

  • Be prepared
  • Ask questions
  • Explain and Justify

Student can

Demonstrate these skills on their own, some of the time.



With significant help, student can achieve partial success.

With significant help, student can achieve partial success.

With significant help, they can do this.


Student cannot demonstrate success ORdid not complete or turn in assignment

Student cannot demonstrate success ORdid not complete or turn in assignment

Student cannot demonstrate success ORdid not complete or turn in assignment


*Writing rubric includes a checklist of completed skills.


            Students are required to be respectful, responsible, and ready every single day in my classroom and on campus. Any behavior outside these realms will result with a conversation with the dean and/or a phone call home.



            Sometimes life happens and your student will miss a day or two.

If the absence is planned, your student must check in with me before or after school, or during Bulldog Block (see below) to pick up work.

If the absence is unplanned, the block schedule allows for a day before the next class period so your student must check in with me before or after school, or during Bulldog Block (see below) the day following the absence to pick up work before the next class period.

It is unacceptable to attend class following an absence without communication.


Late Work and Incompletes

            I will receive any and all late work for each quarter until the end of the school day 2 days prior to the end of each quarter. No penalties will ensue for lateness, but the assignment may not receive teacher feedback.

Feedback is SO important for anyone to grow and get better at something, although I offer grace for late work, put effort into the responsibility of being on-time with work!!

            Upon each assignment’s due date, the assignment will be graded based on a rubric or receive an “i” if the skills are not demonstrated or the assignment is incomplete/not turned in.

An “incomplete” on an assignment affects the grade as “0%”. Additionally, if ANY assignment receives an “i”, the student will automatically receive an “incomplete” for their overall grade and be required to attend Bulldog Block (see below). This is the motivation to be responsible and ready, and to complete work on time. I do not expect all assignments to be perfect, but I expect effort on all work; it is okay to not know, but it is not okay to not try.

Two consecutive weeks of an “incomplete” grade will result in a call home.


Bulldog Block and additional time for success.

            The school day includes a 25 minute opportunity for students called the Bulldog Block. The opportunity is for students to complete work, make up incompletes and receive additional time from the teacher to be successful.

            ALL students are welcome to take advantage of this time with any teacher, four days of the week. Additionally, according to NHS policy, a student who possess an “i” for the quarter’s grade in any core class will be required to attend the Bulldog Block until they acquire a passing grade in that class.

            This is a perfect opportunity for your student to check in following an absence, ask further questions, get clarification, makeup absent work, finish incomplete work, study for tests, and receive support.


Miss Huff’s Contact Information:

Room 658

Additional study/tutor hours: 7-7:30am, 2:47-3:15, or by appointment


Website found under the STAFF tab at

Ex: 6835


Student Name:


Parent/Guardian Name(s):


Phone # for Parent/Guardian:                                                                   Relationship:

Alternative Phone # :                                                                                     Relationship:

Email for Parent/Guardian:                                                                          Relationship:






I use my email

I check PowerSchool

I like contact from my student’s teachers

I like to attend student/teacher conferences

My student has access to a computer and the internet.





Please let me know a little more about you so I can best support your student, check the occurrences of the following that apply to you:


The following will help me better support your student and answers could be academic or not:


I see my student’s strength(s) as:

I see my student could use support in: