Gil Gutierrez

                       Hello My Name Is...

        Gilbert Gutierrez

I graduated from the University of Wyoming with a dual bachelors degree in Business and Marketing. I really like to learn, so I continued in school and earned my MBA from the University of Phoenix. I have taught in many school districts and levels. The content I teach here at Nampa High School is Introduction to Business Computer Applications along with the Fundamentals of Business.
My interests include many things but my favorites are sports and outdoor activities. I also enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping. When I am indoors, I enjoy reading a good book or watching a movie. My favorite books are criminal-detective novels along with sci-fi thrillers. I also enjoy cooking, singing, and tying flies for fly fishing. My favorite foods are Mexican and Italian. I enjoy singing in quartets, choirs, and sometimes solo. I enjoy singing Karaoke at times to liven up the mood. 

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