Culture Notes
Culture notes and video links:

History of the Spanish Language: (9-14-15 and 9-15-15)

What percentage of the world’s population will speak Spanish by 2050?

What language does Spanish come from?

What are the 5 Romance languages?

About how many Spanish words come from Arabic?

How many countries is Spanish the official language of?

“Don Quixote” por Miguel Cervantes: (9-28-15 and 9-29-15)

What is “Don Quixote’s” real name?

How does he lose his wits?

Who is Sancho Panza?

Who is Dulcinea del Tobozo?

What was the “castle”? What were the “giants”? Why didn’t he see them for what they were?

What happens to Don Quixote?

What happens to the books?

Spanish Reconquista “When the Moors ruled in Europe”(9-30-15 and 10-1-15)

  1. What does “Moor” mean?

  2. What was the Alhambra? Where was it?

  3. How long did the Moors rule Spain?

  4. How long did Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand attack the Alhambra?

  5. What is so unique about the Alhambra?