Biol 201 Exam Prep

   Date   Biology 201 Exam Prep
Information about the test
  1.  If you fail the test it does not count against you in any way. That includes funding from Fast Forward. If you do not pass the exam, I will not turn your score over to CWI. There is no penalty for not passing the exam!
  2.  I will administer the CWI Biol 201 test at the high school in January 19th. I would like to arrange it when most students are able to show up. 
  3. I would recommend studying for it. It is a difficult and challenging exam. 
  4. If you feel you would rather take Biol 201 than attempt the exam there is a possibility that you could sign-up for Biol 201 for the Fall Semester.  If there are enough students signed-up for the class, we would be able to offer it at NHS in Fall 2017. Would this allow you credit for Biol 202 if you are currently in Invertebrate/Vertebrate?....No, you would have to take Biol 202 after you pass Biol 201.
  5. If you have further questions, please see me in room 207. 

Biochemistry and 
Introduction Unit

Pretest Unit 1
Biochemistry and
Introduction to

  1. I would suggest buying the Campbell Biology Book. It has most of the essential material and the low cost used of under $8.00 is very helpful.
  2.         Biology, 8th Edition, by Neil A. Campbell and Jane B. Reece
  3. Another book that I would suggest is the Pearson Test Prep Series Edition 5
  4. Study guide for biochemistry unit from Pearson Test Prep
  5. The Following are helpful links for studying and tutorials
  6. Basic Chemistry: Khan Academy 
  7. Hydrogen bonding, cohesion, pH 
  8. Carbon and Functional Groups
  9. Macromolecules from Bozeman
 Pretest #2
Cell organelles
and movement
  1. Cell review
    The World of the Cell
  2. Review Powerpoint of organelles
  3. Review of Transport
  4. Cell Membrange: Bozeman AP Biology
  5. Transport and Diffusion: Bozeman AP Biology
 Pretest #3
Protein Synthesis
  1.  DNA Molecule
  2. Protein Synthesis‚Äč
  3. Mitosis
  4. Mitosis pictures
  5. DNA and Karyotypes
 Pretest #4
  1.  General information about cells
  2. Review Respiration
  3. Photosynthesis
 Practice Tests
  1.  For each chapter there are practice tests to help you prepare.
  2. Campbell Practice Tests   
  3. Please take the practice tests for chapters 1-26 practice tests. I would suggest taking each chapter test. 
  4. After you take the chapter practice test, take the Cumulative test
  5. Another resource for learning Biology material Khan Academy