It’s not, “I don’t understand.” 

It is, “I don’t understand YET.”


Algebra 1

10% Assignments

70% Quizzes and Tests

20% Final



Work may be turned in on time for full credit or late for 70%.  Late work must be turned in before you take the test


Quizzes and Tests

Tests and quizzes may be retaken to improve the grade. 



If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up the work.


If you are turning in an assignment after the due date because of an absence, please write absent at the top of the assignment.   


If you miss a test or quiz, you need to come in after school or at lunch within one week to take the missed test or quiz.   



3 ring binder

Lined paper



Ruler (optional)

Scientific Calculator (optional)


No cell phones may be used during class!


Please contact me if you are not understanding or you have any questions or concerns.  Don’t wait!


Mrs. Urbina

NHS room 125



Feel free to do anything that does not create a problem for yourself or anyone else.

If you create a problem, you will be asked to solve it.  If you cannot or will not, I will do something about it.