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Vision of the Honors Seminar

The vision of the Honors Seminar is to stimulate the growth of a school-wide community of high-level thinkers who want to challenge themselves.  The entire English Department will also be participating in this process, along with the student, by reading the novels, attending prep sessions, participating and evaluating the final seminar. Our vision for the future is that these students have an avenue to learn, develop, and display their advanced skill in order to better prepare them for post-secondary and life-long learning.



Purpose of the Honors Seminar

The Honors Seminar is a program designed to encourage you to take the extra step and challenge yourself to excel academically.  You will display your abilities to produce high level work within your English class as well as produce advanced work outside of your English class by participating in a seminar with your peers. 



Important Dates (all meetings will be in Room 670 at NHS)

First Semester:


  • Prep Session #1: Thursday, September 13th


  • Prep Session $2: Thursday, October 18th


Honors Seminar 9/10: Thursday, November 8th

Honors Seminar 11/12: Thursday, November 15th


Second Semester:


  • Prep Session #1: Thursday, January 24th


  • Prep Session #2: Thursday, March 14


Honors Seminar 9/10: Wednesday, April 17th

Honors Seminar 11/12: Thursday, April 25th




What are we reading?

9/10th Grades

11/12th Grades

A Separate Peace by John Knowles

Catch-22 by Joseph Heller



Contact:  Leslie Younger, Honors Seminar Chair


Phone:  498-0551, ext. 6839